Painting Quotes & Estimates for NYC

Painting Quotes and Estimates

Apartment painting prices and quotes

NYC PRICES:  Includes walls / moldings / doors; Includes paint, materials, admin and insurance filing:

  • STUDIO = $1500 – $1800 on average
  • 1 BDRM APT 700 sq/ft = $2000 – $2500
  • 2 BDRM APT 800-1000 sq/ft = $3000 – $3500+


PER ROOMS   Incl. walls / moldings / doors:

  • $600  – paint average size bedroom
  • $1200  – paint average living/dining room
  • $300  – paint average bath / kitchen / hallway; each, as part of package

[ +200/each for ceilings, +100 ea. closets, +200-400 ea. for heavier plaster repairs ]


HIGHER QUALITY: Even our basic prep for painting is high quality; all nail holes filled, any obvious blemishes repaired. Get accuracy in painting quotes. Free estimates available and walk-throughs for your paint project. Superior floor and site protection; and in the case of plaster work – excellent plastic protection against dust. We are not the lowest price for NY painting. We only compete in the area of efficiency and accuracy; and the ease of communicating and scheduling.

We are happy to meet and walk through for a free estimate, as long as the above is understood and we all in the ballpark.

Note a deluxe, high-end full skim coat of a NYC apartment can range from $4k studio all the way to $10k or $15k for 1 or 2 BRs. If you add installation of new moldings, or paint stripping, projects can range higher. Yes – we shine on those projects as well.

NYC painting prices

NYC quality painting prices

NYC quality painting quotes