Wallpaper Paint Stripping and Interior Brick

Interior Apartment Wallpaper & Paint Stripping Contracting:

Wallpaper – paint stripping – interior “thin-brick” installations

Painting-nyc.com crews handle wallpaper paint stripping, interior thin-brick installations in New York City. Other specialties are available as well. It is important in NYC to consult the highest quality paint contractor that can handle all aspects of apartment and interior designing and upgrading. Cleanliness and efficiency is important in more than just painting and wallpaper and paint stripping are just as pertinent.

Thin-Brick installation is real brick that can be installed on the walls of an interior at an affordable price. 1/3 thickness of standard brick, the thin-brick is easier to work with and the apartment can be dramatically upgraded design-wise into a loft-like, modern, rustic or traditional style. Contact us for a free estimate for interior brick wall installation.

Paint stripping prices can average $500 for a door -both sides, and the framing; in package deals. It again is not a service that you want to opt for the lowest price contractor. Metal doors in New York often look spectacular stripped, with a clear-coat sheen applied for design and protection.

Trust your interior apartment project to proven contractors, for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens.

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